Love where you live: Buy local

Love where you live: Buy local

SHOP SMALLA memory from my newspaper advertising days: the coolest, hippest, chicest and determined Cape Girl opened a new store, she called it “an eclectic array of art, jewelry and good-goods for your soul and home”, and the logo included lemons. It was as close as we could get to experiencing the fantastical Barney’s NYC window displays full of artistic delights, curiosities and designs — you literally couldn’t take it all in the first time through — and right in our own downtown. Inspired by far-flung boutiques that lifted her up and made her feel like she was treating herself to something special, she vehemently opposed marching in the same line for the same-old, same-old big chain drivel.

I fondly recall the shop during the holidays. Each year, she and a crew of family and friends would work all night Thanksgiving Eve, transforming it into a winter smorgasbord. Replete with an upside-down hanging Christmas tree as the focal point, and ready to delight visitors and passers-by on black Friday and the entire holiday season.

In our business we see every day how personalities of passionate local businesses place their unique stamp on this place we live. An especially challenging business year highlights the need to rally around our neighbors and keep our dollars in the community this holiday season — silver lining? Inspired and distinctive gift giving. 

Lemon Meringue is still a vibrant downtown fixture. From our agency’s windows on the corner of Park Avenue and B Street there are amazing merchants along every sidewalk who have similar stories and passions to share. Make a big difference and shop small. Spend where the passion and hard work build our community’s personality and warmth, plus give a gift that is as notable as the recipient.

Below is our list of some favorite shops within walking distance of our agency.**  And, here is a link to a more complete shopping list to make your shopping plan.

** Apologies in advance if we omitted anyone! Cheers from MCS Advertising.



Lisa Fischbach

Original cape girl