Look to the pivot


Look for the Pivot

MCS: Look to the Pivot - Capegirl running up stairs2020 was the cruelest imposter. Arriving as the harbinger of a golden new decade, but then revealing multiple horrors; leaving us with a hollowed-out economy, hollowed-out civic unity, mounting bills, and broken supply chains for the most basic needs. I think we can all agree it was an epic disaster.

Right now, we’re in that sweetest of sweet spots hovering between December 25th and Jan 4th when the tinsel and tree needles are still clinging to us, giving us that natural glow of hope, and desire for prosperity and peace. But we know “it’s” coming. How do businesses prepare for the other shoe to drop that is 2021?

Marketing and advertising people are problem-solvers by nature. Our clients always have obstacles, challenges and goals to occupy our intellect — and to be honest, we relish a good head-scratcher. Here are some steps and suggestions to help regain our footing in 2021.

Take advantage of programs that will help keep your business intact. Sign up for the second round of PPP funding, go for that grant you’d usually pass up, and take the class that you’ve always thought would make you or someone on your team better. I’m the worst for thinking that hard work can solve every ill, but right now we need to work as smart as we are hard. There’s a great energy that comes out of learning, growing and accepting help when we need it.

Look for the pivot. People are finding new success out there, by being flexible and noticing a potential niche that is going underserved in the new normal. One thing we’ve done at the agency is to teach ourselves on-the-fly how to market and create online webinars and events. This is a new skillset brought on by dire necessity, and now it’s a product that we can share with others.

Look for the silver lining. Gratitude has a way of calming our worst anxieties. Make a list of all of the good things that have happened or come out of the past year, and that you count as a plus. For example, at MCS we donated a lot of our normally billed production, just to keep ourselves working and occupied — but, in the meantime, we were introduced to so many great people and personalities that we’d have never met in our normal grind. I am so humbled and inspired by this gift, and it was all hidden in a silver lining.

Work internally to streamline your procedures, productivity or offices. If things are slow and tempers are high, turn your energy and eyes inward and work on that thing that you never have time to do. Maybe you now realize that you need to redefine job descriptions and duties or maybe you can consolidate and save money by rethinking your logistics.

2021 will be here in a few days. We’ll be okay! Let’s continue to do what we’ve been doing — which is keeping busy, (really busy actually) working on the things within our control, and helping those who need it.




Lisa Fischbach

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