7 steps to swagcess in 22

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7 Steps to Swagcess in ‘22

A how-to list

  1. Start Early
  2. Way early. This allows time to order samples and get a true feel for the product before placing an order. The development of creative design that includes a great item accompanied by a strong campaign can take much longer than it looks from the outside. In the land of swag, the early bird gets the best merch and isn’t forced into a corner because of availability and production time.

    1. Seek Items Trending in Pop Culture…
      or it’s okay to stick with a “Tried-and-True but better/i.e. current”
    2. This Year’s Forecast: Personalized Ice Cubes (any bar-ware for that matter), wireless chargers, custom blankets, a tilemate e-tracker, and even balaclavas are FASHION this year

      Tried and True Coming to Clients Near You: latest styles of hats/hoodies/jackets in slim designs & athletic fabrics, mugs, water bottles, and chapstick — but elevated to next level, expanding wearability and keep-ability.  

      Past Hits: Wrist-bands, pop-sockets, fleece vests, facemasks …

      1. Know Your Demo

      Listen carefully and your audience may even walk into your business and tell you exactly what they would love. If the swag isn’t something your audience will embrace and use, then you’ve missed the point. Use what you know about your clients and teams to choose the swag that they’re missing. Solve a problem for them or make something about their everyday lives’ easier.

      1. It’s an Investment, Not a Throw-Away

      Change your mindset on swag. A meatier budget will not only increase the recipient’s positive impression of your business, but it will also allow you to be more creative and original with your choices. 

      1. Swag, but With a Twist

      Be creative with the treatment of your logo within your brand guidelines. Don’t be afraid to utilize all of your brand elements, including textures and patterns. Your standard logo is great and is often an excellent choice, but consider alternatives as well.  Elevate your item by digging deeper into the possibilities available within your brand vision.

      1. Delight Employees & Clients with Kits

      Kits are a clever compilation of multiple gift items based around a theme; think of a theme and run with it. An example: maybe your night crew could use an extra nod of appreciation with a bespoke and fully-branded kit including a sleeping mask, herbal tea and mug, honey, woven blanket, heated pillow, lavender oils and a foot roller massager so they can catch up on good sleep during the day.

      When it comes to employee welcome and retention packages, go all out. Use the swag as a chance to genuinely say thank you to the crew that shows up for you day in and day out. This same principle applies to client gifts. Ask yourself, “what would make this really stand out?”

      1. Presentation is Part of the Process

      You might be surprised at what a difference a printed box or even brand colored tissue paper can make in the experience of receiving swag. Excellent swag not only speaks to the audience when opened, but when wrapped as well.

      Jessica Cale


      Jessica Cale

      Designer/Fontographer extraordinaire