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Juliette Gordon Low: One Smart Cookie

Juliette Gordon Low: One Smart Cookie This month, we’re inspired by Juliette Gordon Low, the first ever Girl Scout and founder of the Girl Scouts program. For over 100 years, the Girl Scouts program has remained the largest global female centered movement AND provided us with delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Low founded the Girl Scouts of […]

MCS Mixtape Vol 2: Pandi Playlist ‘21

  MCS Mixtape Vol 2: Pandi Playlist ‘21 Time to get your music off of lockdown. If you’re tired of the same ol’ pandemic playlist you’ve been listening to for a year now, our staff has compiled the perfect playlist for you to keep pushing through these strange, yet eventful times. Dave: Get Up Stand […]

Look to the pivot

  Look for the Pivot 2020 was the cruelest imposter. Arriving as the harbinger of a golden new decade, but then revealing multiple horrors; leaving us with a hollowed-out economy, hollowed-out civic unity, mounting bills, and broken supply chains for the most basic needs. I think we can all agree it was an epic disaster. […]

Love where you live: Buy local

Love where you live: Buy local A memory from my newspaper advertising days: the coolest, hippest, chicest and determined Cape Girl opened a new store, she called it “an eclectic array of art, jewelry and good-goods for your soul and home”, and the logo included lemons. It was as close as we could get to […]

Getting a grip

Getting a grip Remember that timeless phrase directed at business owners to, “Work ON your business, not IN your business”. Well, we’re terrible at it. In normal circumstances we immerse so deeply into guiding our clients, that under the pandemic glare, our self-promotion efforts were starting to look a bit pale. Thus, when everyone pumped […]