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Problem Solvers Pandemic Edition

  Problem Solvers: Pandemic Edition Businesses come to a full-service agency like ours for creative out-of-the-box ideas. Necessity is the mother of all invention, right!? Some of our best, and most creative work happens within constraints caused by the highly specific needs of our clients — let alone while reacting to recent challenges caused by […]

Cultivating a gratitude attitude

  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude Overheard at MCS HQ on a gray and gloomy Monday afternoon as October slipped into November:  “I just really think we should send them a thank you card. I know that technically they hired us and we work for them, but they’ve been so great to work with, and […]

Avoid Woke-washing

Avoid Cause-washing As different causes take the center stage for their respective seasons, it can be tempting for brands to maintain relevance by applying a splash of color behind their logo for pride month or slapping a pink ribbon on their social media posts in October. The practice of “cause-washing” starts down a slippery slope […]

Hangin’ with Frida during Hispanic heritage month

Hispanic heritage month: Hangin’ with Frida We’re midway through Hispanic heritage month, which runs Sept. 15 – Oct 15. What better time (other than at the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month) to pay homage to one of our creative influences here at MCS, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. We won’t go into a whole history lesson, […]

Summer 2021: MCS Memories

  Summer 2021: MCS Memories Lisa: It’ been a fabby summer — from river floats with fam & friends, to visiting Steve’s parents in the Black Hills. But our trip to Napa Valley wine country takes the cake — definitely a bucket list item — with the highlight being an old-fashioned train tour making several […]

Alive After 5: Our Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

  Alive After 5: Our Wednesday Pick-Me-Up Summer + A Good Cause + Adult-Bevs = AA5. It’s true. And these are a few of our favorite things. MCS is lucky to have a birds-eye view of Alive After Five from our office perched above the corner of Park Avenue & B Street. The live bands […]

Summer Vibes ’21

Summer Vibes ’21 We threw together a sweet summer playlist with some of our favorite summertime jams and the memories behind them in honor of Summer Solstice. Kick back, enjoy the sunshine and tune into our Spotify playlist that’s sure to take you to summer, no matter the time of year. Listen to the playlist […]

Remembering their service

Remembering their service When my parent’s high-school friends and my uncles were doing duty in the Vietnam War, I was just a toddler. Some of my earliest memories are when they were home on leave and came to hang out, catch up and enjoy the family. I can remember when my brother Conn was born […]

For Earth Day: Ads that make you think green

For Earth Day: Ads that make you think green When it comes to reducing our agency’s carbon footprint, OG Capegirl, Lisa, can be a bit obsessive about our office recycling program. It’s not uncommon to find her fishing plastic drink containers out of the trash. And if you ask her about advertising with an eco […]

Juliette Gordon Low: One Smart Cookie

Juliette Gordon Low: One Smart Cookie This month, we’re inspired by Juliette Gordon Low, the first ever Girl Scout and founder of the Girl Scouts program. For over 100 years, the Girl Scouts program has remained the largest global female centered movement AND provided us with delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Low founded the Girl Scouts of […]