For Earth Day: Ads that make you think green

For Earth Day: Ads that make you think green

When it comes to reducing our agency’s carbon footprint, OG Capegirl, Lisa, can be a bit obsessive about our office recycling program. It’s not uncommon to find her fishing plastic drink containers out of the trash.

And if you ask her about advertising with an eco theme, she’s got some obsessions there too. She may mention one of her favorite commercials, the Toss the Tube television spot produced by Scott Brand Products to promote their tubeless bathroom tissue. A strong visual illustrates the point. Boom. It’s much more memorable than a recitation of fact and figures.

Another top pick with an earth-friendly message was Patagonia’s now-iconic 2011 Black Friday ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ ad in the New York Times. With that killer headline and clean layout, it’s impossible not to read the ad and digest the message: Reduce. Repair. Reuse. Recycle.

It’s advertising 101. A bold message paired with a compelling visual has the power to change people’s habits, no matter if you’re trying to sell more, or less.



MCS Staff