Getting a grip

Getting a grip

A grip, you will get.

Remember that timeless phrase directed at business owners to, “Work ON your business, not IN your business”. Well, we’re terrible at it. In normal circumstances we immerse so deeply into guiding our clients, that under the pandemic glare, our self-promotion efforts were starting to look a bit pale. Thus, when everyone pumped the brakes in March —we flipped our mantra (as much for our sanity as for function) to work on OUR business. Getting a grip on the basics just made sense. It was one thing we could control in the unknown.

Today we introduce our new website, something that hadn’t gotten much attention for more than three years. The new one is all custom ­­– all us. It’s one of many foundational updates we’ve made here at the firm, intended to shine a little more light on our personality and what sets us apart in a world built around memes, Pinterest boards and marketing advice dealt out in live video sound bites.

“Culture” is a term that’s been overworked recently, but back in the day it was used to define “that-certain-indescribable-something,” top advertising agencies had ­– their secret sauce.

That sauce is vital to choosing a great agency. You’ve gotta have the right chemistry and you’ve gotta be able to sense it from the first meet-up — Do they get you? Do they put you at ease? Do they inspire?

Our new site is intended to help you answer those questions, and to give you a taste of our secret sauce:



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