#gratis Status

Field of Honor Memorial at Freeman Park

Field of Honor Memorial at Freeman Park

#gratis Status

The 2020 Field of Honor Memorial featuring 1,000 Flags commemorating every fallen soldier in Idaho shaped up a little bit differently this year — as has almost everything else since we began adjusting to the onset of a world-wide pandemic! The one thread of consistency MCS Advertising is holding on to right now is our outlook of pitching in where we can. Since 2007, when we first had the chance to jump in and donate design time to our local advertising club, we’ve been taking on as many non-profit and in-kind projects as we can each year.

Ironically, upon fresh introspection, it seems our reasons for doing so are completely selfish. First, sharing our talent makes us feel good. It gives us a chance to be experimental. It gives us a chance to meet people outside of the boardroom. It takes the focus off of our own problems. And, with luck and talent, it helps the amazing place we’re lucky to call home grow into an even better place to call home.

But, we don’t want to be talking about ourselves — #yawn. We want to be right in the middle, getting our hands dirty and making a difference where we can. So what should we call this endeavor – this difference we are trying to make – this thing we do for as close to gratis as we can get – making us feel as good as we can? And how do we make it fair, so more entities can benefit from wearing the Cape Girl victory cape? What we’ve come up with is: **drum roll**… Operation: Cape Girl.

This brings us full circle — back to the top of this story and the Field of Honor Memorial hosted by an amazing group of volunteers at the Exchange Club of Idaho Falls. 2020 is their year: We have committed our time and talents to heighten awareness for Field of Honor, so watch for good things to continue. And, our pledge to share with more entities? At the close of this year, MCS Advertising will offer an application process for the 2021 recipient(s) — so keep a close eye on this page for our #gratisStatus.



Lisa Fischbach

Original Capegirl


Signing off with guts and gusto, your original Cape Girl. LF>