Hangin’ with Frida during Hispanic heritage month

Hispanic heritage month: Hangin’ with Frida

We’re midway through Hispanic heritage month, which runs Sept. 15 – Oct 15.

What better time (other than at the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month) to pay homage to one of our creative influences here at MCS, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. We won’t go into a whole history lesson, we’ll just say that her opportunities were few, her obstacles were many (including polio AND a bus accident which left her with lifelong injuries from a young age) yet still she persisted™, going so far as turning her casts and braces into works of art.

Her life and her art have been constant sources of inspiration to MCS Principal Lisa Fischbach. Along with creativity, she exuded generosity, self-confidence, and a bent for individualism that established her as a household name even today. 

Kahlo’s self portrait hangs in a place of prominence in Lisa’s office, so we’re all under her gaze at various points during each workday. So whether we’re looking at her or she’s looking at us, the image motivates us to raise the expectations we have of ourselves.

Steve Fischbach


Steve Fischbach

Head whip-cracker