MCS Designer Katie Griffith takes inventory of how her life played out last year.

After a full calendar year, it’s easy for everything that happened in 2023 to become muddled together. I can barely remember everything that happened in November with the Black Friday rush, much less last January. Working in advertising, I tend to always be focusing on the next project, the next sale, and the next deadline, while losing perspective of the cumulative. Gathering my yearly data is a way for me to celebrate everything I got done (on time!) in 2023.

48 television spots created.

3,460 emails sent and received.

16 furniture store sales advertised.

247,413 minutes of music and podcasts listened to.

Since I tend to keep the same exact schedule and routine daily, it makes it easy to calculate
exactly what I consumed (and unfortunately, spent) throughout the year.

247 bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats eaten for breakfast.

263 cans of Monster drank (or 42,080mgs of caffeine).

311 dollars spent at Wendy’s for Friday lunches.

Of course when looking at the numbers of successful campaigns and unhealthy lunches,
we can’t forget the little moments that made life at MCS this year so great.

6 kittens visited the office.

5 Barbie-themed skits created for the Gem Awards.

3 terrible leprechaun movies watched at work on St. Patrick’s Day.

1 hand-made raccoon stuffie gifted to me (thank you Jessica!).

Katie Griffith


Katie Griffith

Multimedia Designer Extrordinaire