Our Memories of Mom

Our Memories of Mom



Where I grew up, we lived down three miles of dirt road which was impassable to our rear-wheel drive family car when it rained. So when she was pressed to drive us to school in the ranch pickup (its bench seat hadn’t moved in years) she had to stuff her purse behind her so she could reach the pedals.

What is something that you did or still do that drives your Mom bonkers?

She always said that I was, “As slow as molasses in January.” Still true.

What’s the thing you ignored that she ended up being ‘Mom’s Always Right’ about?

A clean room improves your life.

How your Mom made you better?

When I write copy, I always say in the back of my mind, “What would my mom think of this?” She’s always been a reader, so it’s a natural tie.

What’s your Mom’s most Epic Trait?

She’s quick draw with the Kleenex tucked in her sleeve.


Standout Memory (This one’s hard to pick…)

When I was a sophomore in HS, my Mom would’ve been around 32. I had an early-am swing choir practice, and it was her day to carpool a load of us country-kid music-nerds in to town.  Did I mention she’s is a very sparky morning person? As we pulled up to the HS she got a wild urge to drive right up the huge main sidewalk — letting us out at the front steps. The principal came storming out yelling something to the effect of, “You kids are in huge trouble,” but was completely flabbergasted to realize she was not only one of the kids, but a parent! He lost a bit of his thunder and sputtered, “Well, oh, uhhh Mrs. Hix, I uh thought you were one of the students — so, we don’t condone or allow driving on the sidewalks — it’s very dangerous, please don’t do this again….and so forth.” She assured him she was being very safe and since it was before school hours no-one was around, etc…waived and threw it into R carefully backing down the sidewalk and away from the school. Of course, I was mortified.

What are your Mom’s epic traits?

• Equal blends of fierce and friendly: it’s always best to have Alene in your corner.

• She loves a good party and will dance everyone into the ground.

• She is the hardest worker, I mean, borderline ‘workaholic’ levels. One time we almost lost her during an especially invasive biopsy. When she gloriously woke up, her first words were, “Oh no Lisa, why aren’t you at work?”

Mom’s Sayings:

• ‘Oh, honestly’ delivered like a curse-word, for her it works in every situation.

• When you’re putting something away, take it all the way — don’t just move it closer and set it down again, that means you will have to do the job twice.


What’s a favorite memory of your Mom?

I have a very specific memory of a damp, October morning spent with my mom: My sisters were both at school, and she took me out shopping for a Halloween costume. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and I usually ended up wearing some hand-me-down costume.

We spent the morning looking at an actual costume store, and she let me pick out what exactly what I wanted – a devil costume (complete with pointy tail) and pitchfork.

To this day, I love cold, grey fall mornings because of this memory with my Mom.


What’s a memory of your Mom that jumps out to you?

One of the things I remember most from when I was little was going camping. I loved camping with my family. We’d go with my mom’s friend and her kids and find a great place with water to play in and a forest to explore. It was so much fun spending time as a family and I am the baby of the family so I spent a lot of time with my mom.

Looking back I can appreciate what it took as a single mom to take her family camping. She is amazing! Happy Mother’s Day!


Things my mom was right about – A short an incomprehensive list:

  • Your siblings will be your best friends someday — the sooner you figure out how to really get along, the better.
  • Making your bed makes a difference in how your day goes and how well you’ll sleep that night.
  • Naps are the real deal.
  • Eating breakfast is more important than ten extra minutes of sleep.
  • Nothing is quite as luxurious as waking up early and reading in bed.
  • Chasing whimsy is almost always the right answer.
  • When you’re an artist and the girl with the words, you’ll find a life that lets you be those things.


Memory that jumps out first about your Mom?

It’s not a specific memory, but all the times she laughs so hard she becomes silent, rocking back and forth, practically in tears. You’ll think she’s finished laughing just to look up and see her silently rocking, reaching out to smack my dad’s arm so he can truly grasp the hilarity of the situation.

Thing your Mom did or still does that drives you bonkers?

Replacing words with emojis! “What time will you be home?” becomes “Whut ⏰ u 🐝🏠???”. That’s manageable, but when she starts sending “🏃‍♂️➡🏪🍇➡🏠😎” I get totally lost.

Thing you do that did or still drives your MOM bonkers?

Stand in the way in the kitchen. No matter where I set myself I always am somehow in the way!

The thing you ignored that she ended up being ‘Mom’s Always Right’ about?

I told her I’d dye my hair once, and she said I’d get addicted to it. Here I am 7 years later, and my hair has been every color of the rainbow. It’s only been my natural color once in all that time!

How your Mom made you better at baking.

I grew up in a household that loved sweets and rarely measured. I’m great at “eyeballing” measurements now, and knowing what a batter or dough needs to fix stickiness/dryness/blandness and other problems. I’m not a very good cook, but I can throw together a loaf of bread or dozen cookies in an hour with no problems.

What is your Mom’s most epic trait?

She’s a major bookworm. She’s always reading a new book and gives me recommendations for the best ones out of dozens that she reads in a year. She’s also a great organizer and list-maker. Something that’s always helped me when I feel overwhelmed is remembering to make a pros and cons list, or a to-do list, just like she does.


What’s a ‘Mom’ memory that jumps out to you?

The Annual summer vacation road trip visiting my older siblings:

  • Driving straight through from Iowa to Maryland ‐ I still don’t know how she did it.
  • Me as the navigator, with a McNally Road Atlas bigger than me – “leading the way.”
  • She was sneaky about teaching me things during the trip
  • Being the Chief Snack Officer with a cooler precisely located under my feet.
  • Mom trying to stay awake while driving by reading a newspaper by the light of a lit candle stuck on the dashboard (yeah this was a thing.)

What’s a thing your Mom still does that drives you bonkers?

“Veka, Veka, Veka” to try to get my attention. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me.

What’s a thing that you do that drives your Mom bonkers?

I used to get myself stuck in places on purpose and insist that my mom get me out.

What’s the thing you ignored that she ended up being ‘Mom’s Always Right’ about?

I wanted to play the drums in middle school, but she got me a violin instead saying that it would be the “better instrument to learn.” I tried the drums once when I was in high school. She was right I didn’t have the dexterity for it.

How has your Mom made you better?

She supports and encourages me in anything that I want to do to this day. And now I do the same for my kids.

What’s your Mom’s epic trait?

She refuses to let anyone else drive for fear that we will get into a car accident and they will be responsible for whatever happens. A mom being overly protective, incredible.


Memory that jumps out:

Always getting pulled over for speeding but never getting a ticket.

Thing she did and still does that drives me bonkers:

Keeping the plastic covers on furniture.

My mom taught me to:

Sew, be thrifty, frugal, save and to make my bed every single day.

What is your Mom’s epic trait?

She makes EPIC rolls: Dinner rolls, Cinnamon rolls & Pumpkin Rolls



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