Summer Vibes ’21

Summer Vibes ’21

We threw together a sweet summer playlist with some of our favorite summertime jams and the memories behind them in honor of Summer Solstice. Kick back, enjoy the sunshine and tune into our Spotify playlist that’s sure to take you to summer, no matter the time of year.

Listen to the playlist here, or check out individual tracks below:

Lisa: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World – I’m a pitcher’s Mom. Whenever I hear The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, I’m swept back to the summers when Clark was developing his skills as a lanky-lefty. On our way to the park we would crank it up to help shake off the pregame jitters.

Steve: Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin – for me, this song summons a very specific summer vibe. I used to have an old jeepster commando convertible, and I must have played this song a lot in that rig, because hearing it immediately conjures up the sensation of cruising down a two-lane road with the top down on a calm sunny day.

Jordynn: Island in the Sun by Weezer – The first time I went to Cozumel, Mexico my brother and I played this song on repeat every morning to celebrate the fact that we were literally on an island in the sun, so it always reminds me of warm weather and sunshine.

Stephanie: Redneck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan & Pontoon by Little Big Town – Stephanie chose these songs, “cause I’m a redneck at heart” & they get her in her summer flow.

Kayla: When the Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney (feat. Uncle Kracker) – Reminds me of summer weekends in Trego, Wisconsin, being on the lake with all my friends and family.

Matt: Have Faith in Me by A Day to Remember – Kimber and I spent our first summer married (2010) in the scorching heat and dense humidity of San Antonio TX. We were still trying to learn and figure out each other’s musical tastes. We got a free Epitaph Records mix CD at Six Flags and quickly fell in love with this song. We played it literally every day that summer and still put it in every playlist we make today.

Dave: Oye Como Va by Santana – In the summer of ’91 – I road-tripped with a group of seven friends from Colorado to Alaska. After driving all night, my friend and I stopped in a remote corner of north-western Montana to watch the sun rise. This song still conjures a very strong memory of that morning: We opened all the car doors, blasted this song (waking everyone else up) and stood on top of the car while we watched the golden rays stream over rolling green hills. It was a good morning.



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