S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) is a great way to get a name out in the public. Whether it's items to hand-out at an event, or you just need to refill the office pen supply, we have the experience and know-how to get your brand on just about any item imaginable. Try us.
Pens and USB sticks are SO 2010. As far as S.W.A.G. goes, we've got the hook-up. If you're looking for branded items we can get you what you need: T-shirts, bankers' bags, lip balm or custom socks. (Yes, printed socks. Twice.)


Online displays are a proven brand-builder and drive traffic directly to your website. We can help you get your ads placed on thousands of websites with no hassle.
Whether it's targeted display ads, increasing your visibility and/or market share on the web or reaching out with a well-crafted e-blast, we've got the digital savvy and design chops to get your message in front of the audience you choose.

Audio / Video Production

Old-school media placement or the next new viral craze: Video is where it's at. And we can get you there.
We do it all, from writing the script to shooting the video to supervising post-production in order to ensure that your image and message are on point.


Print ads, business cards, logo design, magazines & direct mail: These methods may be considered “old school” in today’s digital world, but there is a reason they have stuck around for so long. They work. Our talented team here at MCS Advertising will make them work harder FOR YOU.
At MCS Advertising, we’ve got the talent to make you look good, in whatever medium you need. Whether it’s a flash-animated web ad, a direct-mail piece, a billboard, or a new company logo, we’ve got you covered.

& Logos

Need a new look? Or maybe your old brand ID needs a bit of a touch-up: Let our crack team of award-winning artists loose and see what happens!
Think big. Think bold. Think creative. We’ve got the stuff to make you look and sound as good as you know you are. We are creatives who seek to use our creative energy to entertain, inform and ultimately to drive consumer decisions.


Whether it is freshening up your website, sending out a weekly email blast or navigating the world of tweets and hashtags, we have the knowledge and skill to get it done on time and within budget. Let MCS Advertising help you spruce up and expand your presence on the world wide web.
We have all kinds of ways we can help you spruce up and expand your presence on the www: Websites, social media, online display advertising, email campaigns, search engine marketing and more!