Art Director Extraordinaire

Clay is cat-like — not only because he has 3 felines who rule his world. Projects quivering on the horizon are batted about and finished before most people can even start, his designs are impeccably finessed and refined, and his sense of humor will sneak up on you.  + + + Clay’s organizational house is in order: an archival guru, his filing efficiencies are at legend-levels around here. And, just like a cat, he will silently glance at your burgeoning email inbox with what you’re pretty sure is disgust and disdain.


Art/Design, Creative Writing, Computer Programing, Midland College 


Relevant Attributes

  • Notorious foodie. He knows his way around a smoker, eats brisket for breakfast,  and blends his special order spices into custom delights.

  • Ozzfest US Tour roadie, 2000

  • Borderline glamper who takes camping and fishing to magazine-worthy levels.

Community involvement

  • Active Idaho Falls Advertising Federation member
  • Community Food Bank heavy lifter
  • Operation: Cape Girl

What is one thing that you refuse to share?

In large part, thanks to being raised in a loving and sharing family, I don’t have any issues with sharing just about anything. That being said, I refuse to share my social security number. That’s just a bad idea.