Lead crankulator

Within Dave lies a deep propensity for friendly competition, whether it’s with an opponent, or with himself; harnessing the competitive spirit of this dyed-in-the-wool gamer is our own little game. Sometimes, turning the most mundane clerical task into a time-trial where an unexpected power-outage, or some other random  challenge crops up, is the only way to advance a project to the next level. 

We dare you to try and tell him he can’t pull something off, or to take the easy road to save time, and — not only will he prove you wrong — but he will elevate the art and gain a new skill in the process. Think Call of Duty, but on steroids.

BA in Graphic Art, Lubbock Christian University

Relevant Attributes

  • Corn bread connoisseur with a serious sweet tooth
  • HUGE Disc golf nerd (seriously, don’t start him talking…)
  • Active in planning local events and courses of above-stated obsession
  • Drives his daughter nuts practicing his (blue) tuba

Community involvement

  • Red Cross Super-donator: 4.2 gallons donated to date
  • Volunteer at Comm. Food Basket
  • Volunteer time/resources with other community organizations
  • Organizes & runs yearly charity fund-raiser disc golf tournament4.2

Which computer game cheat code would I like to have in real life?

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start  – I’d love to see the weird stuff you could do trying the Konami code out in random situations.