Jessica Cale

Designer / Fontographer 

Our warm-weather loving heroine was a great remote MCS team member via her Kentucky home — but suffice it to say we enjoy her personality best in living color — even if she’s a bit touchy about “learning to layer”.  With a background in psychology, armed with words, pen and ink (in both analog and digital!) — her story-telling skillz can completely disarm an audience, helping them understand and feel every message’s meaning at a glance. 


BA Graphic Arts, Graphic  Design Media, Nossi College of Art; Psychology Major, Weber State University

Relevant Attributes

  • She’s a nester. However that is challenging, since her moving company says Idaho Falls is a particularly “difficult delivery site” and still has her stuff.  Somewhere. 
  • Her sister is responsible for her career: “You know people do hand lettering for a living right?” 
  • Voracious reader and dog lover.
  • Disney Fan[atatic]


  • Boyfriend. [EDIT:: Now, husband!] Say no more.


Ted Lasso is the greatest show since West Wing.