Jordynn Shaw

Integrated Content & Account Assistant

In a few short months as an intern Jordynn not only ramped our SEO/SEM game up a notch, but parlayed her skills into a full-time gig. Sure she’s a fearless tech-type with loads of untapped talent. But, truth be told, we couldn’t face the thought of a day without her great attitude and mega-watt smile.


BA Communication, Media and Persuasion, Idaho State University

Relevant/Random Attributes

  • Appreciates adult-y office supplies, especially mini stapler
  • Tackles technology with no fear
  • Critical thinker (& over-thinker)
  • Can balance 10 plates AND remember your order

Community involvement

  • Known to recharge batteries at IF Animal Shelter
  • Field of Honor advocate
  • Holiday ‘Adopt-a-Family’ Program

Describe a little-known fact about yourself:

I’m a very calm & polite person, but I have extremely bad road rage. Even in the passenger seat.