Katie Griffith

Multimedia Designer Extrordinaire

A word that best describes Katie? Fast. Fast at everything! Need for speed. ‘R’ for race. The brain that resides under this neon-haired over-achiever’s dome is sprinting so far ahead of anything you might be wondering, and will have already solved it for you in half the time.

This in part explains why Katie at the young age of 21 was on the ISU honors roll for 6 consecutive years and graduating with a masters degree while most people the same age are still getting their generals out of the way.

Being a multimedia designer is the perfect way for Katie to apply all of those cutting-edge skills, learn new digital and coding tricks, while honing communication and language skills at a much more measured pace. 


BA in Graphic Design; Masters in Communications, Idaho State University

Vital Stats

  • May or may not be addicted to TikTok.
  • Member 1st Place D11 Western Region on ISU’s NSAC team [National Student Addy Comp] Client: Tinder
  • Dad is a 1st rate profesh magician. And yes, Katie knows some magic too.
  • Irish through and through.

If you could eliminate one state, which one would it be?

I think I’d get rid of Ohio, just to see how long it would take anyone to notice.