Kayla Wangen

Media Majordomo

Kayla digs numbers and seeing how small tweaks in a campaign can exponentially improve results. That’s music to our ears. Known as a team player here at the firm and also on the volleyball court, Kayla enjoys camaraderie and collaboration in all aspects of her life – same goes for co-workers, media-reps, vendors and all of the other media plates Kayla keeps spinning. #agencylife, it’s a team sport.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing; University of Minnesota, Duluth 

Relevant/Random Attributes
  • low-key woodworker
  • pondering sign language class — I love communicating efficiently with everyone
  • Mom is #1, she can make any experience a positive one
  • Shania Twain flips my switch

Community involvement

  • Volunteered at YMCA after completing internship
  • Completed internship at NorthShore Inline Marathon
  • Recycler, composter and general Earth do-gooder

What are you known for around the office?

I go zero to hangry quickly — so i always have a snack at the ready.