MATT Spaletta

Account Coordinator

You’ll find Matt where the crowd is. As a born showman — whether it’s performing as the lead singer or team presenter — he’s likely the reason a crowd gathered in the first place. With family clearly occupying stage number one, our talkative tenor is ready to devote his next level of attention to those in need, backed by a big dose of energy and ideas. If you ever need advice or company, Matt is eager to lend an ear and talk it out. And talk… and talk… and talk… well, you get it.


BA in Corporate Communications, emphasis in Advertising; Idaho State University

Relavent Attributes

  • Lead singer in a band
  • Private event DJ
  • 15 years of sales experience
  • Expert speller (Usually)

Community involvement

  • Will volunteer to eat your leftovers, somebody has to do it

  • Earned Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow awards
  • I wake up early after it snows and shovel lots of driveways

  • Coordinate events for The Idaho Foodbank

If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why?

I would get rid of the state of mind our politics creates where one side thinks the other is dumb, while the other side thinks the other is evil.