Media Majordomo

Sammy may have started out as a temp at the first of the year, but this smart and sensitive soul has taken ahold of her position like a Russian Ivy.

Covid craziness aside, she’s been a quick study on industry concepts and software as-well-as traditional media buying tricks of the trade. An artist at heart, she’s always learning and creating  something — from podcasts to custom jewelry; + + + her knowledge of hard kombucha and where to find it in this town has proven invaluable.


BA in Fine Arts, Minors- Women’s Studies, Mass Communication, Studio; Idaho State University

Relavent Attributes

  • When I was 17 I quit school and took off on the road, hitchhiking and traveling from place to place. This was a very humbling experience, and helped create a more well-rounded adult me. I was a pretty rambunctious kid. To say the least.

Community involvement

  • Donate Monthly to the Rainbow Road. Huge supporter and ally in the LGBT community.
  • Women’s Advocate, ongoing participation in WRAC-L and continued education for women, along with raising awareness about sexual and domestic violence that spans across all race, ganders, and age groups. 
  • Support of NAACP
  • Community Food distribution

Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf for 24 hours?

Both are very compelling options due to the magical inclination each possess, but I would have to go with an elf.  Elves can be a bit more devious so you never know if they’re going to be helpful or a hindrance. My nature is to be helpful so I feel like the elf would bring out a bit more of my wild side.