Veka mcquiston

Traffic & Media Majordomo

You know the image of a Hindu goddess with many arms? That’s Goddess Durga; a warrior goddess who is seen as the embodiment of the collective power of all the gods and goddesses. Her eight arms symbolize an ability to wield many different weapons and use them to defeat her enemies. This visual provides perfect insight into our own warrior Veka — slaying the myriad of media and traffic details and challenges for our clients and for our staff every day. Talk about a team player!


Colorado Mesa University | Grand Junction, CO

Relevant/Random Attributes

  • Mom of 3 Humans and 2 Pups
  • Moved around a lot as a kid, but say I’m from Colorado and Iowa

Dirty Little Secret:

Embarrassed of the fact that the first concert I ever when to was N*SYNC. I
normally keep that tidbit under lock and key.

What are you known for around the office?

Welp, Dave started calling me GC (Golden Child). I am not sure if that still stands
as he’s had a chance to get to know me, LOL. Otherwise, I have no idea, I’m
scared to ask.