Bank of Idaho

client: Bank of Idaho

scope: Full spectrum marketing


A preliminary task was to overhaul the logo, which was then lovingly referred to as “the squatting donkey” by bank employees. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

The “dot logo” icon works on multiple levels: to people from Idaho, it looks like the state; to people from elsewhere, it’s an identifiable graphic; since it’s placed adjacent to the word “bank” it immediately evokes stacks of coins.

The first iteration of the “dot logo” had no red heart. That variation was created as part of a “Year of Service” campaign highlighting the bank’s priority on community involvement. Mr. Newgard liked the heart addition enough to order a re-brand across the board. Upgrading signage across the newer locations is an ongoing project. 

In our initial consultations, the Bank of Idaho was most interested in freshening the brand while simultaneously introducing the new Universal Banker approach to the public.

At the time, the banks locations were limited to Eastern Idaho and Twin Falls.

In the intervening years, the Bank of Idaho has expanded, with four additional branches in the Boise area, as well as adding 7 locations across Washington State in an acquisition.

Ah, the perennial bank calendar. It’s always a hit, featuring eye-popping photography and branch locations across the state.

We work closely with BOI’s webhost to maintain their website, providing photography, content and editing suggestions.

We’ve learned the platform and editing tools and continue to monitor and maintain the site, updating coding and content as directed by the bank’s marketing department.

We maintain the Bank’s brand across multiple markets utilizing digital campaigns pegged to each community, along with out-of-home spends in selected Idaho locations.

We consider sponsorships to be an integral means for the bank to live up to the phrase “Committed to Community,” which is cast in its logo.

We also provide a wide array of event materials, sourced through our vendor and dealership networks.

We commissioned photos from the Bank’s charity golf event, then submitted the top photos to a local lifestyle magazine for use on their City Scene page. We were pleasantly surprised (as was the Bank) to see that the page was dedicated exclusively to the content we submitted.


On top of maximizing exposure resulting directly from sponsorship packages, we also strive to promote the causes and events the bank supports on its social media streams.

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